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Referral Program

Our company's success is directly related to the level of service and satisfaction we offer our clients. The majority of our new business comes through word of mouth referrals and we would like to show our appreciation by giving back to our clients.

Managed Services Referrals

Referrals are the #1 way in which we find new managed services clients. If you know of a Boston-area company that could benefit from our IT services, please let us know. We'll see if we're a good fit for each other and if they ultimately choose to use our services, we will pay you their first month's managed services revenue.

Note: New clients must be active for a period of three months before your referral is processed and approved. Payouts are made in $250 increments up to a $5,000 maximum per referral. Payee does not need to be a BCN client.

Hosting Referrals

The process is simple and chances are you are already set up to begin. There are two requirements: (a) you must be an existing BCN web hosting client and (b) you need to link to any page on our web site from the account that is hosted. That's it!

When any of your visitors clicks the link to our site and signs up for hosting during their stay, you will receive two free months of hosting equal to the plan purchased by the visitor. You don't even have to know who the visitors are or that they are coming!

Inside the Account Management area, there is a new tool called "Referral History." Inside it lists all the domains you have hosted with us and all of your referral history to date including if and when an order was placed letting you keep track of everything!

Note: New signups must be be active for a period of three months before your referral is processed and approved. Dedicated and co-location hosting users are not eligible for this promotion. This is for shared, VPS, and email hosting only.

Guest: Wednesday, July 17th, 2024, 8:58PM EST

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