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Search Engine Keyword and Keyphrase Research

Keywords are the important words describing your Web site. They should appear throughout your site within page titles, Meta tags, and page copy. Research of all your Web site's relevant keywords and phrases is the first step in your search engine positioning campaign. Ideally, it should even come before the development of your site begins! Sites created with an emphasis on keywords and proper structure from inception enjoy optimal results.

Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are most effective if you target the proper keywords to bring the right visitors into your site. Using various research tools and linguistic resources, BCN analyzes and researches the appropriate keywords for an effective search engine positioning campaign. In most cases, we compile a list of additional keywords which generates extra traffic that would not have otherwise found you!

We have a great understanding of natural search engine query language through years of experience and research. Our tools allow us to target the relevant words and phrases people are actually searching for, not just the ones you think they are. This drives highly-qualified visitors and potential customers to your site.

The frequency of your keywords, often referred to as keyword density, on individual pages and throughout the entire site also plays a role in your site's search engine ranking. Overuse and repetition can be considered spam which most major search engines will penalize you for. That does not mean, however, that you shouldn't repeat! Major keywords and phrases should appear at least once in your page title, Meta tags and page copy!

As your business grows and changes, your product and service offerings will change as well; so too will the needs of your Web site. BCN continually conducts keyword research along with site traffic analysis and trends on your behalf throughout the term of your SEO contract. If we feel that keywords must be added or removed, or anything for that matter should be changed, we will inform you immediately.

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