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Web Site Statistics / Log Analyzer

Web site traffic statistics software and web log analyzers are two of the most powerful tools a webmaster has available to them. Once configured, web site traffic and usage logs are parsed by the system automatically to create complex statistics and find trends within their their web pages.

BCN has several different web site statistics software and log analyzers installed on accounts, the most popular being Webalizer and AWStats. We feel this data is so useful that all of our statistics software is pre-installed without a client having to request it.

AWStats Sample Data Demo AWStats is our favorite web site traffic usage statistics software here at BCN, because it provides data in an attractive, easy-to-read format. See for yourself! Unlike the vast majority of other hosting companies out there, we allow for reverse DNS resolution in our implementation of AWStats allowing all our clients the added bonus of having geographical data about their visitors available.

AWStats Sample Data Demo

Webalizer is another web site traffic usage statistics software / log analyzer, this one programmed in C. Its benefits? Webalizer runs extremely fast, faster than any other log analyzer that we have seen. According to their web site, a 200 MHz Pentium machine (very old) can process 10,000 records in just one second! The main Webalizer page provides a summary, after which you may select individual months for more details.

Webalizer Sample Demo Data
Webalizer Sample Data Demo

Other than learning how many hits / visitors you receive, you can see far more valuable data: where they are coming from (referral logs), what they are doing on your site, even learn your site's conversion rate if you are in e-commerce. Adapting your site and writing good pertinent content making use of the data within your referral logs is one of the many ways you can increase traffic and make your site a success.

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